Carousel lathes for mechanical processing

WEHRLE is your professional and quality-conscious manufacturing partner for mechanical processing.
With our CNC carousel lathes, we machine complex individual parts and small series with the highest standards of precision for customers in the automotive, plant construction, mechanical engineering, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

For this purpose, we have three carousel lathes for the processing of workpieces weighing up to 30 tons: CNC-controlled TOSHULIN and SCHIESS-FRORIEP carousel lathes as well as a conventional SCHIESS carousel lathe.

Carousel lathes for the mechanical processing of complex individual components

Our TOSHULIN carousel lathe alone can machine workpieces with a diameter of 3600 mm and a height of 2500 mm. The machine has a control-integrated measuring system for direct workpiece measurement and logging on the machine.

With our machinery, we can react flexibly to your wishes and find a cost-effective solution for your needs. We will be happy to give you more detailed information about our mechanical processing services.


PFace plates diameter

Circulation diameter 

Turning height

Workpiece weight

TOSHULIN PowerTurn - mechanische Bearbeitung von Großbauteilen - WEHRLE
CNC - ja

3,000 mm 3,600 mm 2,500 mm 30 t
SCHIESS-FRORIEP - mechanische Bearbeitung von Großbauteilen - WEHRLE
CNC - ja
1,800 mm 1,900 mm 1,000 mm 8 t
Schiess - mechanische Bearbeitung von Großbauteilen - WEHRLE
CNC - nein
2,500 mm 2,500 mm  1,500 mm 30 t
MAZAK Quickturn 40Mazak Quickturn 40 - mechanische Bearbeitung - Drehbearbeitung von WEHRLE
CNC - ja
- 400 mm 1,500 mm -

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