Waste incineration plant aims to increase efficiency

WEHRLE’s boiler service refurbishes the MüVe Biel-Seeland Waste Incineration Plant (Switzerland) and increases the plant’s efficiency to meet higher requirements

For the refurbishment of the outdated waste incineration plant, which has been in operation since 1975, WEHRLE-WERK AG has developed a concept for the renovation of the boiler and boiler components together with its Swiss subsidiary ECOTHERM AG and Müve Biel-Seeland AG. While renewing the components, which are partly not electronically documented since they were installed during the first construction phase, the plant’s efficiency will also be increased to comply with new requirements.

“The refurbishment of the waste incineration plant for municipal and industrial waste as well as the new calculation and engineering of certain components is a challenge and one of WEHRLE’s and ECOTHERM’s specialties”, comments Daniel Hardegger, Project Manager and Managing Director of ECOTHERM AG. “Due to the limited space on site and the many renovation and extension works carried out since 1975, we will have to put into practice our entire expert knowledge of boiler construction and service.“

This includes highest quality standards and WEHRLE’s large service portfolio. Having its own boiler manufacturing division, WEHRLE is able to flexibly and rapidly adapt to possible short-term modifications during the renovation phase, which might be of importance in terms of costs.

By modifying the waste incineration concept, WEHRLE could not only ensure the refurbishment of the plant but also a significant increase of efficiency. The live steam temperature will be raised from 320°C to 360°C. Furthermore, the capacity will be increased by 22 % from 19.6 t/h to up to 24.0 t/h.

Besides developing the renovation concept, WEHRLE will also carry out the engineering and calculation of the new superheater and evaporator.

The completion of the project is planned for the beginning of November 2019.