Screen overflows from treatment of biomass

Screen overflows occur from treatment of biomass as oversized screen residues. 

Screen overflows in terms of biowaste mainly consist of:

  • plastic and foils
  • rough pieces of wood
  • stones
  • metalls
  • other impurities
  • ...

In terms of the treatment of building rubble, screen overflows are characterised as light metalls and fine screen materials which can be added to a thermal disposal. 

This treatment residues mainly consist of the following materials:

  • plastics (foils, polystyrene,...)
  • papers and cardboards
  • wood
  • stones
  • mineral fine parts
  • ...

The current treatment of screen over flows and treatment residues is mostly processes in  central waste incineration plants at a high cost. 

Alternatively small and medium sized fluidised-bed combustion plants can be used to supply the need of energy by energetically using the screen residues.

Decentralised 'waste to energy' plants offer you the possibility to benefit from the screen residues in various ways:

  • electricity generation for inhouse use
  • heat generation for inhouse use 
  • reduction of disposal costs due to energetic use
    --> stable costs  = 3x cost savings 

The recycling of local screen residues in decentralised 'waste to energy' fluidised bed combustion plants can be used for elecricity and heat production as well as refrigeration.

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