Waste & residual materials

The recycling of waste and residues in small 'waste to energy' plants are used for decentralised elecricity and heat production as well as refrigeration.

Examples for waste and residues used for this method:

  • treated domestic and commercial waste 
  • production residues
  • industrial sewage sludges 
  • screen overflow from composting plants
  • substitute and secondary fuels
  • ...

With a calorific value of approx. 4,5 MJ/kg , waste and residues can be energetically used by fluidised bed combustions plants at a low-emission rate. 

The mechanical treatment of the waste and residues plays an important role in the process: The waste needs to be crushed at the correct size to be processed within the fluidised bed combustion plants. Larger impurities  (> 250 mm of edge length) need to be removed from the treatment. 

Decentralised 'waste to energy' plants offer you the possibility to benefit in various ways:

  • electricity generation for inhouse use
  • heat generation for inhouse use 
  • reduction of disposal costs due to energetic use
    --> stable costs  = 3x cost savings 

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