We offer training for a large variety of welding processes

The great advantage of our welder training: it is individual and customer-oriented!

In addition to training our own junior skilled workers, we also offer welder programs and training courses for your employees.

We have a fully and modernly equipped welder training workshop with 12 individual workstations. Our instructor is certified by the German Welding Association (DVS). He is also a welding specialist and instructor for TIG welding.

The training programs and courses mentioned below describe possible contents which can be tailored to your company’s needs and requirements.

The duration of the training will also be individually determined in accordance with the previous competences and already existing manual skills of your employees as well as the desired training goals.

Welder training and welder training at WEHRLE

Available welding processes

(tungsten inert gas welding)

(metal active gas welding)

(shielded metal arc welding)

(submerged arc welding)

Cladding to increase the service life of pipes, headers and pipe walls in special applications (e.g. steam boiler construction for waste incineration plants)

Welder training

We take over the basic welding and cutting training of your trainees in the metal sector. We teach your young employees the basics of TIG, MAG and SMAW welding on various materials. Your trainees will get a feel for the liquid weld pool and different kinds of welding seams through special exercises. Carbon steels and stainless steels will be welded. An insight into the welding of aluminum and copper alloys will also be provided.

Manual flame cutting and manual plasma cutting are included in the training program as well.

Welder training courses are also offered for career changers who need to have basic welding skills for their jobs, e.g. the welding of a simple fillet weld.

Special welding training

Our welding training for your employees will be adapted to your special manufacturing and assembly tasks and improve your employees’ manual dexterity. Usually, the welders are trained on samples of your components made of unalloyed, low-alloyed or high-alloyed steels, which you provide for the training sessions.Welder training at WEHRLE: Seminars and exam preparation

Welding tests

After close consultation with you, we also carry out welding tests, for example according to DIN EN ISO 9606-1, in cooperation with an expert of TÜD SÜD Industrie Service GmbH (Technical Inspection Association).

In addition to the practical test, i.e. the welding of the test piece or pieces, the theoretical knowledge is tested in a multiple-choice test. Following the visual inspection, the test piece is subjected to non-destructive and, if necessary, destructive testing by the TÜV expert in our factory halls. After passing the test, the expert issues a “welder certificate”.

Welding tests may also be taken in conjunction with prior welder training. A practice day often precedes the welding test date so that the welder can develop a certain routine for the welding test by welding practice pieces.