Leachate treatment for landfill in Thailand

The city of Nonthaburi, which is located north of Bangkok and Thailand's second largest city, requires a leachate treatment plant for its landfill. For this purpose, the Thai city relies on technology from WEHRLE, plant manufacturer and expert for complex wastewater treatment, located in Emmendingen in Southern Germany.

Every day, up to 1500 tons of diverse kinds of waste are disposed of at Nonthaburi Landfill. Due to the stored waste as well as the newly delivered daily quantity of waste, every day approximately 500 m3 of leachate are produced, which shall be treated to achieve purified water for irrigation purposes or direct discharge into a nearby river.

In order to find the appropriate leachate treatment technology, the pollutants to be treated were determined in advance and various solution approaches were considered in technical and economic terms. The final choice was a BIOMEMBRAT® high-performance membrane bioreactor for the elimination of organic substances and ammonium as well as a downstream reverse osmosis for the separation of salts.

Besides the conception, construction and supply of the rack-mounted plant system, WEHRLE’s scope of delivery includes the commissioning of the plant as well as the operator training of the Thai employees on site. The completion of the leachate treatment plant is scheduled for June 2020.

landfill leachate treatment
WEHRLE already has 14 references in Thailand, nine of which are plants for wastewater and leachate treatment. Further projects are already underway.