Leachate treatment in Maghreb: WEHRLE becomes Market Leader

With a total of 26 leachate treatment references in the Maghreb countries, WEHRLE takes over the position as market leader in this region.

Having already won projects for 15 leachate treatment plants for different landfills in Algeria, WEHRLE will now deliver high-performance Reverse Osmosis plants to six further Algerian landfills.

Each plant consists of a compact containerized 2-pass Reverse Osmosis unit with a sand filter for the pretreatment of raw leachate and has a capacity of 110 m³/d, ensuring a reliable and ecological direct discharge into the nature. WEHRLE’s experts will carry out the on-site commissioning, training at the same time the operation teams. From this point on, the clients will be able to operate the plants on their own.

WEHRLE’s vast experience and good reputation as well as the availability of on-site personnel have convinced both clients, two Algerian construction companies requiring 3 plants each, to award WEHRLE the contracts.

With this series of projects, the middle-sized family-owned company demonstrates once again that it is possible to win projects in markets with fierce competition by offering a convincing price/performance ratio, and consolidates thus its position as market leader for the treatment of leachate in the Maghreb countries.