Leachate treatment for Thailand

Bangkok, Nhong Khaem - WEHRLE and its Thai cooperation partner E-Square are going to build a wastewater treatment plant for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA). The plant located in the south of Bangkok will treat leachate with a concentration of 7,500 mg/l COD and 500 mg/l NH4-N and have a total throughput of 800 m³/d. The discharge values to reach are 100 mg/l COD and 10 mg/l NH4-N.

A smart process combination ensures the fulfilment of the strict discharge requirements, achieving at the same time high yields. Consequently, only small quantities of concentrate are produced for disposal.

After the treatment in a WEHRLE BIOMEMBRAT® high-performance membrane bioreactor, a partial flow of the MBR effluent is passed through a reverse osmosis. The other partial stream of the MBR effluent passes through a nanofiltration. The concentrates resulting from these two final treatment stages are further concentrated in a high-pressure reverse osmosis, leaving only very small amounts of residues for disposal. This is a clear operating cost advantage for the customer, who has already profited from several WEHRLE plants and thus decided to contract WEHRLE again.

In addition to the process combination, WEHRLE's scope of supply includes the engineering, transport and commissioning of the plant. The commissioning is scheduled for March 2021.