Path-breaking leachate treatment for landfill in Brazil

For the treatment of leachate of a domestic waste landfill in Brazil, WEHRLE will deliver a Reverse Osmosis plant with a future upgrade option.

The landfill generates an average leachate quantity of approximately 240 m3/d. The existing treatment plant does not comply with the limit values required for direct discharge, which is why it will be replaced with a 2-pass Reverse Osmosis plant designed by WEHRLE.

The operator is aware of the fact that it is only a temporary solution to treat the leachate using Reverse Osmosis without having a long-term, sustainable concept for the concentrate disposal – a painful experience made by many landfills in different climatic zones. Sooner or later, a pollutant-reducing process technology will be indispensable due to the lack of possibilities to dispose of concentrates.

The Reverse Osmosis plant ordered can be easily integrated into a future biological treatment concept – a task very well-known by WEHRLE: As final upgrade step, both plant components – Reverse Osmosis and Biology (high-performance MBR) – will perfectly interact and the operator will be able to equally manage all plant components as complete plant via a central control system, saving time, costs and work efforts. This represents an important customer benefit and a competitive advantage over suppliers for reverse osmosis plants with no or only little experience and references in biological systems.

WEHRLE will supply and commission the plant together with its Brazilian partner Ambiensys. Due to the compact construction and the user-friendly handling of WEHRLE‘s plants, the client can directly manage the daily plant operation. Yet Ambiensys‘ strong service team is ready to support the client in Brazil, if ever required.

“This project is already WEHRLE’s third reference in Brazil, yet it is the first leachate treatment plant WEHLRE will deliver to Brazil”, comments Carolina Bággio, WEHRLE’s Project Manager for the Brazilian market.