Treatment of combined wastewater in waste management center

Croatian waste management center will be equipped with WEHRLE technology

RIKO, an important Slovenian general contractor and WEHRLE’s long-time partner, has been awarded the contract for the construction of a new waste management center in Zadar, Croatia. The landfill operator, “Waste Management Centre (WMC) Biljane Donje“, is expecting 88,000 t of mixed waste per year, being treated in a mechanical-biological waste treatment plant (MBT) and deposited on site. For the combined treatment of the wastewater, RIKO relies on WEHRLE’s know-how.

3D Model of BIOMEMBRAT<sup>®</sup> high-performance MBR for the treatment plant in Zadar, Croatia

The wastewater treatment plant is dimensioned for an average capacity of 30 m³/d – being capable of treating up to 50 m³/d at short notice – and consists of a high-performance Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) belonging to WEHRLE‘s BIOMEMBRAT® family. The joint treatment of MBT wastewater and the leachate from the new nearby landfill leads to process synergies, being an advantage for the client as the operating costs are reduced.

The compact containerized turnkey plant guarantees fast delivery, quick installation and easy commissioning. WEHRLE will plan, build, deliver and commission the plant on site. The plant operation will be carried out by the final client. As demonstrated in many projects worldwide, WEHRLE will closely support the client in service and maintenance matters.

The increasing construction of modern waste management centers, in particular in South-Eastern Europe, requires robust, flexible and economically viable solutions for the treatment of highly loaded effluents, complying at the same time with the European environmental standards, which is, without doubt, an important challenge. For this purpose, WEHRLE offers suitable technologies and vast experience as similar plants have been in proper operation in countries such as Spain, Poland and Slovenia for years. This project is the second reference in Croatia and the third joint project with the Slovenian partner RIKO.