Tricky wastewater: WEHRLE knows the treatment solution!

The Thai waste disposal company Better Waste Care Company Ltd.  trusts in WEHRLEs proven technology  for the treatment of a complex mix of effluents from industrial production sites and leachate from waste treatment.

At the waste disposal site approx. 80 kilometres north of Bangkok, 480 m3 of wastewater from different industries and landfill sites are being gathered in a storage tank each day. This wastewater contains oils and heavy metals, leachate as well as acids and brines. Using a WEHRLE plant the complex wastewater stream with high loads of nitrogen, organic and inorganic components will be treated to be reused  for the irrigation of plants as well as washing of trucks.

For the treatment of this mixed wastewater a highly efficient and flexible plant is required. The complexity of this wastewater demands the skill of many years experience with plant engineering and a smart and optimized combination of several process steps, consisting of a chemical/physical treatment, a high-performance BIOMEMBRAT® Membrane Bioreactor, followed by a Reverse Osmosis for the separation of the salts. Due to the difficulty of the task only WEHRLE has been able to present a convincing concept. Together with its Thai cooperation partner E-SQUARE, WEHRLE will plan, design and deliver the plant as well as undertake the commissioning on site within nine months.