WEHRLE develops new market in South East Asia

F&N Beverages, one of the largest beverages manufacturers in Malaysia, has chosen WEHRLE and its partner ENVIROSERVE for the upgrade and remodeling of the existing industrial effluent treatment plant on its site in Shah Alam.

In addition to the current production volume, F&N Beverages will be expanding its operations by adding new production lines, leading to a higher volume effluent stream which exceeds the capacity of the current treatment system.

WEHRLE develops new market in South East Asia

F&N Beverages has decided to work with WEHRLE as its membrane biology system requires minimal space thus minimizing any construction works at the existing site. The remodeling is done by dividing the existing biological treatment tank of the present facility, where one tank will continue as  a conventional activated sludge treatment plant, and the other will be converted to a membrane bioreactor treatment plant. WEHRLE’s membrane biology is designed to increase the treatment capacity approximately by 40%, a COD concentration of 4,000 mg/l and a BOD concentration of 2,000 mg/l. This membrane biology design is suitable as it can accommodate higher concentration of solids thus higher organic loads can be treated with the same biological volume whilst producing good quality final effluent. Also, treating the industrial effluent with the membrane biology reduces the load on the existing secondary sedimentation basin, resulting in better retention of the suspended solids hence producing better quality final effluent.

This is the first contract that WEHRLE has won together with its Malaysian partner ENVIROSERVE.
Alan Tan, Director of ENVIROSERVE, and Simon Götz, Project Manager at WEHRLE, are very satisfied with their new common project: “Even though WEHRLE has several references in South East Asia, we are delighted to have now gained a foothold in the Malaysian market. We are proud that F&N Beverages, a leading soft drinks manufacturer in Malaysia, has chosen our concept despite the fact that there were several competitors.”

The commissioning of the plant is scheduled for March 2016. ENVIROSERVE will be responsible for the operation of the plant.

Text: WEHRLE Umwelt GmbH