Well-known client from the petrochemical industry awards two follow-up contracts to WEHRLE

WEHRLE is proud to have obtained two new contracts from IRPC – one of the best known companies in the petrochemical industry and the largest petrochemical group of South-East Asia – for the modification and, respectively, the extension of the existing wastewater treatment plants located in Rayong.

In 2012, IRPC already awarded a first contract for the upgrade of an existing conventional wastewater treatment plant to a Membrane Bioreactor to WEHRLE. WEHRLE supplied, among other things, the engineering as well as the ultrafiltration for the PWTU-I wastewater line, which belongs with ~ 5600 m³/d circulating in 7 UF loops to the large industrial ultrafiltration units with external membranes worldwide.

After the successful realisation of this project, IRPC once again trusts in WEHRLE’s know-how and awards two follow-up contracts for the Rayong site: On the one hand, WEHRLE will modify the PWTU-II wastewater line according to the PWTU-I line and change the conventional biology into a Membrane Bioreactor. For this purpose, the existing tanks will be further used and modified for the future by implementing an ultrafiltration. With 6500 m³/d circulating in 9 UF loops, the PWTU-II wastewater line will be even larger than the first plant.

At the Rayong site, WEHRLE will also install a Membrane Bioreactor plant as central wastewater treatment plant (CWTP), particularly for the treatment of wastewater from the phenol production. The wastewater quantity of ~ 6500 m³/d will be treated in a completely new plant to be built. The optimised design will permit a filtration of the relatively high wastewater quantity by installing an ultrafiltration unit with only 6 UF loops.

In all three IRPC plants, not only very high volumetric flows have to be treated in the ultrafiltration but also a very high COD degradation rate of > 90 % has to be guaranteed – a challenge for the plant constructor, which has been properly achieved by WEHRLE.

Like the first contract, WEHRLE will realise the two follow-up contracts from IRPC with its Thai cooperation partner E-Square, with which WEHRLE already successfully constructed and commissioned four MBR plants in Thailand in the past years. Further projects with other clients from the petrochemical industry or with the BMA (Bangkok Metropolitan Administration), for which WEHRLE & E-Square already built a Membrane Bioreactor for the treatment of wastewater from the Saimai transfer station in 2009, are being prepared.

With the two new projects, WEHRLE has already 7 references in Thailand, 4 of which are from the petrochemical industry whose wastewater is extremely difficult to treat due to the matters which are often persistent and sometimes toxic.

The commissioning of both plants is planned for the first quarter 2015.

Author: Dr. Miriam Weissroth
Translation: Carina Hausin