Zero Liquid Discharge by Concentrate Treatment for L'ORÉAL Kaluga, Russia

On the Kaluga site in Russia, L'ORÉAL produces shampoo, hair dyes and in the future also skin care. During these processes, up to 200 m³/d of wastewater are produced.

One year after WEHRLE obtained the contract for the extension and upgrade of the former, already existing wastewater treatment plant, the follow-up project is now ready to be realised:
The plant is to be extended in such a way that, at the end of the process, (nearly) no wastewater remains and has to be disposed of (ZLD = Zero Liquid Discharge). This objective is achieved by the consistent reuse of the treated wastewater. The biological pre-treatment using the BIOMEMBRAT® process and the secondary treatment by reverse osmosis make the reuse of the water possible. The concentrate of the reverse osmosis is reduced to less than 1 % by further concentration and subsequent evaporation.

By using this process technology, the client reduces his costs for disposal on the one hand and also significantly his fresh water consumption on the other hand.

This is already the fourth project in which L'ORÉAL relies on WEHRLE's extensive know-how and service package for the treatment of their difficult wastewater.