Large scale processing and manufacturing

With over 150 years of experience in building machines and plants, we offer a wide portfolio of manufacturing large components and whole steam boilers such as constructions, calculations and manufacturing at our company owned production premises.

At 30.000m² our production premises offer a great possibility to process large scale and complex components for machine and plant engineering up to 80 metric tons in weight. In addition, we may process your components with our large scale CNC machines. Our experienced and highly qualified specialists take care of precise processing and material quality. Many of our produced components are used for biological, chemical and physical process plants which are utilised in terms of mechanical and thermal process engineering withstanding high load. 

Due to our growing structure and gained experience, we are fast and flexible with regards to customer expectations. Therefore WEHRLE is a perfect complement to your company if you prefer to work with a professional and reliable partner processing large components according to your standards.