Reliability and sustainability since 1860

Internationally active and rooted locally: For more than 150 years, WEHRLE has proven its reliable and sustainable service performance for regional and international clients, finding innovative solutions and creating a trustful cooperation with our clients, suppliers and partners.

The most important success factor of our company is the reliable and quality oriented work of our employees. The bond of our employees with their WEHRLE-WERK is unique. Many work in the company already for generations. The ownership of the 5th and 6th generation of the founder's family is a sign and also a source of our entrepreneurial solidity.

Our locally and historically anchored relationship to the city of Emmendingen in the south-west of Germany shapes our close link to the people living and working in this region. In practice, this relation becomes alive in our social commitment, especially in our WEHRLE-WERK Foundation for Nursing Support.

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Company Milestones


Having realised the change from the 5th to the 6th generation of the family-owned business, WEHRLE continues its path focussing on innovation, reliability, sustainability and trustful cooperation with its partners.


By initiating the cooperation with TBU Stubenvoll, WEHRLE opens a new chapter in the thermal use of difficult solids (waste, EBS, sewage sludge, biomass, etc.) by constructing complete decentralised fluidised bed plants.


WEHRLE builds the first plant on industrial scale for the treatment of liquid manure, opening a new gate in the growing market with this difficult application by using effective nitrogen elimination.


After 10 years of research, piloting and demonstration, WEHRLE commissions the world’s first MYT® plant for mechanical-biological treatment of unsorted municipal solid waste, ensuring a sustainable cost reduction of waste disposal in the region.


WEHRLE expands its leading position in the treatment of complex wastewaters by constructing the world’s first nanofiltration on industrial scale for a paper mill.


After 10 years of research and piloting, WEHRLE builds the world’s first Membrane Bioreactor on industrial scale: Even 25 years later, those first BIOMEMBRAT® plants still excel due to their reliability and economic efficiency. This milestone constitutes the beginning of WEHRLE’s success in the treatment of complex wastewaters.


Planning and construction of the first sludge drying plant.


Planning and construction of high-pressure steam boiler plants for combined heat and power stations for industry. Since 1975 for waste incineration plants as well.


WEHRLE-WERK AG: The private company run by Otto Wehrle is converted into a corporation.


Construction of condensers, later also air and gas pre-heaters for large-scale power stations.


Focus on boiler construction – from low-pressure steam boilers to high-pressure water tube boilers.


Construction of brewery equipment.


Foundation of the “Mechanical workshop and boiler shop of Wilhelm Wehrle”.