Incineration plants according to your requirements

We provide complete small and large scale incineration plants with rated thermal input from 1-10 MWth and containing fuel feed, firing, boiler plant, flue gas cleaning plant and chimney. Larger scale plants can be customised and implemented with ourt partners.

Moreover, we offer planning, delivery, montage and  commissioning as wll as service and maintanance for the complete outline of the plants. 

In terms of special requirements, the whole firing system will be selected according to the fuel. Furthermore, customised boiler plants with desired steam- or heat parameters as well as the related flue gas cleaning plant are provided by WEHRLE. 

small & large scale incineration plants of WEHRLE

Contact us! We are happy to analyse your specific requirements with you and well-advice you accordingly!

Firing Systems:

  • fluidised bed system
  • rotary kiln
  • grate firing