Special waste - thermal treatment solutions

In terms of the chemical industry, thermal treatment of special waste plays an important economical role with regards to the protection of the environment and the preservation of the resources. 

thermal treatment of special waste | WEHRLE technology

WEHRLE offers thermal treatments with fluidised bed combustion or rotary kiln firing of the following wastes:

  • fluid special waste
  • pasty special waste
  • solid special waste

WEHRLE is an expert in terms of special waste incineration plants due to its know-how, reliability and availability according to 17. BlmSchV regulation.  

Constructive features of WEHRLE reduce fouling and corrosion.

Decentralised plants for thermal treatments of special waste and production wastes onsite offer you the possibility to benefit in various ways:

  • electricity generation for inhouse use
  • heat generation for inhouse use 
  • reduction of disposal costs due to energetic use
    --> stable costs  = 3x cost savings 

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