Thermal treatment of paper sludge

In the course of the paper production from pulp as well as the recycling of waste paper, paper sludges occur. 

Paper sludges can be directly and energetically used at a calorific value of approx. 4,5 MJ/kg. In case of the presence of disruptive substances regarding the fuel preparation, the input material needs to be trimmed to a size of < 250 mm. The current disposal of paper sludge is mostly expensive and executed at a external thermal disposal. 

Alternatively small and medium sized fluidised-bed combustion plants can be used to supply the need of energy by energetically using the paper sludges. Moreover, by using the generated heat or rather the electricity for inhouse requirements the small plants are economically efficient. 

The decentral and so called 'waste to energy' plants combine different synergetic effects due to the generated paper sludges and production residues as stated in the following:

  • electricity generation for inhouse use
  • heat generation for inhouse use 
  • reduction of disposal costs due to energetic use
    --> stable costs  = 3x cost savings 

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