ECOTHERM AG (CH) - Tochterunternehmen der WEHRLE-WERK AG

ECOTHERM AG as Swiss subsidiary of WEHRLE-WERK AG with headquarters in Emmendingen, Germany, is part of a strong network in the field of energy and environmental technology. The company was founded in Effretikon (CH) in 2001. ECOTHERM has highly qualified employees who offer extensive, fast and reliable on-site support. You benefit from the experience of our long-standing employees and their sound and broad expertise. We are ready and looking forward to developing solutions for your requirements.

Our services

As general contractor, we offer consulting, planning, optimization and full-service packages, including elaboration of technical specifications, manufacturing, assembly and services for the entire life cycle of boiler and incineration systems as well as their components. We will thus find the ideal service solution for your individual requirements in the field of energy technology.

Benefit from our know-how!


  • Technical consulting
  • Component design (thermodynamic, resistance, flow, process)
  • Support in system decisions
  • Coordination with approving authorities
  • Damage analysis


  • Support in planning and budget elaboration
  • Elaboration of drawings, welding and inspection plans
  • Elaboration of project schedule


  • Optimization of existing systems
  • Determination of preventative measures
  • Elaboration of drawings, welding and inspection plans

Full-service package – as general contractor

  • Planning, implementation and documentation of new systems
  • Optimization, complete renovation and inspection
  • Project management and supervision


  • Steam and hot water boilers as well as their components
  • System steam and hot water boilers (water cycle)
  • Construction of vessels
  • Pressure vessels
  • Grate firing systems
  • Piping systems for plant and mechanical engineering
  • Welded structures for plant and mechanical engineering
  • Mechanically machined large components


  • Inspections from one source!
  • Planning, scaffolding, boiler cleaning, wall thickness measurements, refurbishment of refractory lining, pinning and de-pinning, replacement of boiler parts, insulation, etc.

  • Repair works at reasonable prices
  • Compliance with deadlines
  • Corrosion and erosion protection
  • Damage assessment
  • Spare parts logistics and management
  • On-call service, troubleshooting by own qualified personnel
  • Inspection of grate firing systems including ash removal/deslagging


  • Heavy load transports
  • Organization of mobile crane
  • Short assignments up to extensive assembly works, also in multi-shift operation, with provision of skilled personnel and tools
  • Extensive disassembly works, with disposal of materials if required
  • Qualified locksmiths and welders for pressure vessels and components in all materials. The following welding processes are available: TIG, SAMW, MAG

Our service for you

  • High-quality work

  • Extensive knowledge 

  • Reliable service

  • Compliance with deadlines

  • Competent and goal-oriented work