Your specialist partner in terms of water tube boilers

As internationally renowded producer WEHRLE is your specialist in terms of water tube boilers for hot water, satured steam and hot steam production. With decades of experience in conception, construction and maintenance we are your experienced partner regarding boiler plants. 

According to your requirements we provide not only the boiler plant but also fuel feed, boiler cleaning plants, firing and flue gas cleaning on a dry adsorption basis. 

Our boilers are used for plants regarding incineration of waste, biomass, EBS, special waste and sewage sludge as well as conventional fuels. 

Depending on the fuel, different firing systems such as fluidised-bed combustion, grate firing, rotary kilns and burner systems are used. 

Furthermore, we offer the following services all customised to your project and specific requirements:

  • consultation 
  • planning
  • basic and detailed engineering
  • manufacturing
  • delivery
  • montage
  •  commissioning
  • project management
  • after sales service

Moreover, we offer system components related to the steam generators. 

We develop the thermo dynamic dimensioning, process planning and construction of plants with advanced tools. In tems of the fluidic optimisation of the boilers we are supported by qualified experts. 

Our boiler plants are delivered with:

  • cleaning devices
  • isolation
  • steel construction, boiler support structure
  • fittings
  • instrumentation
  • montage
  • commissioning

Top quality manufacturing of all boilers and boiler components are WEHRLE's essential success factor besides the know-how and the experience over decades in terms of the manufacturing of natural circulation water boiler vessels. 

High availability and low rates of corrosion as well as low operation and maintenance costs of our boiler plants confirm WEHRLE's success.