Fluidised-Bed Combustion Plant

In terms of incineration plants, WEHRLE is the specialist regarding fluidised-bed combustion.

The fluidised-bed combustion technology offers many advantages such as: 

  • high flexibility in terms of fuel (multifuel ability),¬†great large range of combustiles can be used¬†at the same time¬†
  • due to controlled guidance of the temperature in the combustion chamber, stepped combustion and a SNCR denitrification plant, low NOx-emission can be assured
  • constant availability of the plant due to long-term experience of the technology and it's components
  • low space requirements
  • optimised and accurate dosing of combustiles and fluidised-bed combustion output of fuels and substandes up to edge length of 250 mm¬†

The open fluidised-bed furnace with smooth air pockets limits the catching of substances at the fluidised-bed nozzles. This leads to high tolerance in terms of disturbing substances and longer travel times. 

  • due to the special design of the boiler, there is only a limited possibility¬†of slagging and corrosion
  • besides the aspects mentioned, the low-wear output system for ashes also secures longer travel times
  • the downstreamed fluidised-bed maintenance system with intregrated and adjustable¬†recirculation system for the fluidised-bed materials replenishes the fluidised-bed materials due to the output of disturbing substances
  • a very good level of fuel burnout is ensured

Commercial Advantages:

  • reduced construction costs due to standardised pland configuration from¬†1 MWtherm.¬†to¬†10 MWtherm
  • compact plant design due to the boiler-included incineration
  • high flexibility in terms of combustiles and calorivic value range¬†
  • several fuels to be used at the same time¬†
  • high availability of the plant¬†

Unsere Technologien:

  • stationary fluidised-bed combustion with stepped gasification/incineration
  • different combustile input systems for: fluid, pasty and solid fuels
  • water tube boilers: steam and¬†hot water boilers
  • boiler cleaning installations
  • flue gas cleaning (dry, semi-dry and wet)
  • ash removal systems

WEHRLE's standardised fluidised-bed combustion plant is available at a thermal performance from 1 MWth to approximate 10 MWth. Besides theses standardised plants, individually designed plants up to are feasible.

We offer the 'flexible and future-proof firing concept'! Combustiles can be changed with low effort. The great range of the calorivic value offers the possibility to use it for sewage sluge today, substitute fuel tomorrow and for special waste the day after. 

simultaneous use of:

  • solid
  • pasty¬†
  • fluid¬†

residues is possible at the same time!

Combustile sizes of particulate grain size up to 300mm of edge length are applicable. 
High tolerance in terms of disturbing substances is gained due to the usage of an open nozzle base with smoothe airpockets as well as the special ash output system. 

  • longer travel times¬†
  • high availability of the plant¬†