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The issue of sustainability is firmly anchored in our company's business philosophy. It is an integral part of our corporate values and influences our actions and business activities. As a traditional family business from South Baden, we think in terms of generations, not quarters. This basic attitude enables us to make long-term and sustainable decisions that not only consider WEHRLE as a company, but also the environment and communities. Our business activities are characterized by a strong awareness of ecological responsibility. We are constantly working to conscientiously optimize our behavior, actions, knowledge and our product world.  

Sustainability is an integral part of our identity. Our sustainability philosophy is an important part of our history and product world as well as a constant concern of our social commitment and our climate-oriented, responsible corporate governance. For us at WEHRLE, sustainability is more than just a buzzword – it is deeply rooted in our identity and history as a family business. This is reflected not only in our products, but also in our social commitment and the responsible management of the company.

Laura Fischer
Sustainability and Audit Management

We have been awarded the silver Ecovadis medal. We are proud to be listed among the top 5% of rated companies in our sector. In the overall Ecovadis rating, we are among the top 11% of all companies listed by Ecovadis. 

As a GreenTech company, climate protection and sustainability are important to us, which is why we obtain 100% of the electricity at our main site in Emmendingen from renewable energy sources. 

ISO 14001 is the internationally recognized and widely used standard for environmental management systems. This certification at our Emmendingen site underlines our commitment to environmentally friendly business activities

At WEHRLE, we strive to offer our employees sustainable mobility options. In 2023, we were recognized by Freiburger Verkehrs AG for our commitment to sustainable mobility.

Our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

With its innovative wastewater treatment and energy recovery technologies, the company makes an active contribution to the global goals of the United Nations. WEHRLE contributes to the promotion of sustainable development, particularly in the areas of clean water, renewable energy, responsible use of resources and habitat protection.

Goal 6: WEHRLE's wastewater treatment technologies enable customers to clean wastewater efficiently and minimize residues. This reduces the burden on water resources and promotes compliance with environmental standards.

Goal 7: WEHRLE actively contributes to the promotion of renewable energy sources through its portfolio of services in the field of energy recovery. In addition to the effectiveness of the products, our contribution also focuses on our own operations. At our headquarters in Emmendingen, for example, we only use electricity from renewable energy sources. We already generate a considerable proportion of this electricity ourselves with our PV system.

Goal 12: With its innovative energy and wastewater technologies, WEHRLE promotes responsible consumption and production patterns by helping companies to recycle their waste and wastewater and use resources more efficiently. This also includes the recovery of scarce resources such as phosphorus.

Goals 14 & 15: WEHRLE contributes to the protection of underwater and terrestrial habitats with its energy recovery and water treatment technologies. Generating energy from waste reduces environmental impact, while water treatment technologies help to protect biodiversity in water bodies

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At our main site in Emmendingen, we operate the largest solar power plant in the city, producing around 775 MWh of renewable electricity in FY 22/23. This corresponds to around 64% of our own electricity requirements at the site.


More than half of all countries in which WEHRLE plants have already been built are classified as medium-critical according to the Aqueduct drought risk rating.  

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For over 160 years, WEHRLE has stood for reliable and sustainable service provision for its regional and international customers.


The most important success factor for our company is the reliable and quality-conscious work of our employees.

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