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photo of BIOMEMBRAT® High-performance membrane bioreactor and ultrafiltration system


High-performance membrane bioreactor for biological wastewater treatment

The WEHRLE BIOMEMBRAT® high-performance membrane bioreactor is the compact wastewater treatment system for the sustainable and biological treatment of wastewater. 

With its modular design and volume and load-dependent control, the tried-and-tested wastewater treatment system can be adapted to individual circumstances. The membrane bioreactor demonstrates the strongest and most reliable cleaning power in any wastewater environment thanks to the consistent effluent quality with variable load peaks. The hybrid process consisting of energy-saving MBR technology and a tried-and-tested filter system cleans heavily contaminated wastewater of pollutants that are difficult to break down.

Customer benefits at a glance

Compact and high-tech wastewater treatment in container design enables reliable wastewater treatment with the smallest possible footprint.

Low operating costs thanks to a high degree of automation – CIP (cleaning in place), adaptive ventilation thanks to integrated sensors, self-controlled inflow regulation of the ultrafiltration and integrated SCADA system.

Minimal chemical consumption thanks to integrated self-cleaning and automated chemical dosing of the heat exchanger, cooling system and biological waste water treatment.

Future-proof thanks to expandable system technology. Thanks to its modular design, the system can be expanded to include additional cleaning stages, including water recycling and ZLD.

High process stability even with varying waste water volumes and varying degrees of contamination thanks to automatic and precise monitoring of temperature, air volume and pH value

Bacteria-free purified wastewater after biological treatment by the MBR thanks to reliable ultrafiltration technology.

A sustainable wastewater treatment system for every challenge

The areas of application of the WEHRLE BIOMEMBRAT® high-performance membrane bioreactor are as diverse as the requirements that our customers place on reliable wastewater treatment technology. In addition to industrial wastewater tasks such as the treatment of chemical and pharmaceutical wastewater, the BIOMEMBRAT® is used as a reliable system technology for the treatment of highly contaminated leachate and landfill leachate. 

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The WEHRLE BIOMEMBRAT® high-performance MBR has proven itself for over 30 years and in over 250 demanding projects worldwide. The membrane bioreactor is characterized by its process robustness, operator-friendly flexibility and practical expansion options. This makes the compact wastewater treatment system a reliable all-rounder for landfill leachate and highly contaminated industrial wastewater.

Robert Körner

Head of Business Development & Technical Sales
  • BIOMEMBRAT® - 3D-model of wastewater treatment plant
  • Wastewater treatment plant BIOMEMBRAT® with ultrafiltration technology
  • containerized BIOMEMBRAT® wastewater treatment plant of a distillery - biological treatment of industrial effluents
  • Ultrafiltration Loops for reliable wastewater treatment plants
  • BIOMEMBRAT® - biological treatment of industrial effluents
  • SCADA System for remote support of leachate treatment plant
  • wastewater treatment plant in Malaysia
  • samples of treated landfill leachate after treatment with membrane bioreactor
  • Membranebioreactor for the treatment of industrial wastewater and landfill leachate

    Further information on BIOMEMBRAT® technology

    • BIOMEMBRAT®-MBR high-performance membrane bioreactor for the most reliable and sustainable biological treatment of heavily contaminated wastewater achieves germ-free permeate
    • BIOMEMBRAT®-LE Energy-saving MBR technology for medium to heavily contaminated wastewater
    • BIOMEMBRAT®-plus hybrid process for the highest effluent quality, even with poorly degradable pollutants / direct discharge into nature – without producing concentrates

    We work with you in 5 steps to develop a wastewater treatment concept individually tailored to your requirements. Thanks to our many years of experience in plant construction and operation and with the help of our services such as laboratory tests and piloting, we can make reliable statements with regard to OPEX costs and plant turnover. Contact us by e-mail or telephone and we will work with you to develop your customized system concept – step by step.  

    1. Laboratory tests 
    2. Piloting
    3. Financing
    4. Turnkey large-scale plant
    5. Consulting

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    The size of a system depends on the local conditions and the wastewater to be treated. Our plant technology is provided in 40-foot standard containers if a container design is required. Depending on the area of application and conditions on site, the BIOMEMBRAT® system can also be used without a container housing. Our engineering team works with our customers to develop how many modular units are required to treat the wastewater and whether further space can be saved.

    Dry-installed membranes are compact and easy to expand. They do not tend to putrefy, are hardly susceptible to deposits and do not require a membrane aeration system. Simple cleaning and maintenance ensure low membrane replacement costs. They compensate for the higher energy consumption compared to submerged ultrafiltration systems with a smaller footprint, reliable bacteria elimination without additional treatment, lower personnel costs for cleaning and maintenance and the elimination of the need for a membrane aeration system.

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