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Emmendinger Plan

Emmendinger Plan

The concept study with the working title “Emmendinger Plan” deals with the upgrading and further development of the WEHRLE-WERK AG company premises around the existing factory halls. In addition to the new construction of the logistics center to further develop the company processes and the outdoor area, current plans also include opening up the factory premises to the city, including green spaces and buildings, in order to accommodate cultural and social institutions. In the further development and implementation of the project, we always seek close and transparent coordination with the town of Emmendingen, any property owners involved and local residents, taking into account the legitimate interests of all parties involved.


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Project goals

With the “Emmendinger Plan” concept study, we want to make it possible to experience the interconnected history of the company and the town.

  • Experience the interconnected history of the company and the city
  • Integration of the former Wehrle canteen into a new, functional development
  • Design enhancement of the area through appropriate permeability of the development
  • Meeting opportunities for people living and working here
  • Coexistence of industry, trade, social facilities, gastronomy and housing
  • Ecological upgrading of the area
  • Retention of the truck exit to Hochburgerstraße
  • Pedestrian connection to Theodor-Ludwig-Straße, the market square and Markgrafenstraße

The project partners of the Emmendingen Plan

The Emmendinger Plan project is supported by Fsp. Stadtplanung (Fsp. City Planning), which supports clients with regard to urban development planning, urban design and urban project development, as well as Carré Planungsgesellschaft mbH (Carré Planning Entity), which offers individual construction solutions and project management in the field of industrial and commercial construction.  

News: The “Kulturhof” in the WEHRLE Quarter

The “Kulturhof” in the WEHRLE quarter is a result of the Emmendinger Plan concept study. The term “Kulturhof” refers to the section of the WEHRLE Quarter located behind the former Krauss department store. With an open, small-scale development, the latest results of the urban climate plan are taken into account and the permeability of the site is created. The “Kulturhof” implementation project includes a childcare facility, a restaurant with a conference center, a private music school and a lounge club.

Project partner of the “Kulturhof”, the sub-project of the Emmendingen Plan

Marko Kaldewey

Krischan Lukanow

Max Hersonski

Design views of the Kulturhof

    Timing of the project

    Logistics center goes into implementation
    WEHRLE implements the first elements of the Emmendingen plan in the neighborhood

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    To the answers to questions from the city administration on the subject areas:

    1. Masterplan
    2. Route relationship
    3. Parking space solution

    WEHRLE-WERK provided a “supplementary elaboration” of the Kulturhof concept developed together with the project partners as part of the “Emmendingen Plan”.
    To the presentation

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    Open letter from the Emmendingen Trade Association mentioning the Emmendingen plan

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    The following steps are necessary here – under the leadership of the town of Emmendingen:

    1. Inclusion of the daycare center in the Kulturhof in the kindergarten requirement planning
    2. Development of a security concept
    3. Preparation of the development plan

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    Presentation of the project partners:
    Childcare center, gastronomy with conference center, private music school, lounge club

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    Unmüßig's building application corresponds to the Emmendingen plan.
    WEHRLE advocates permeability

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    Concrete planning phase and preparation of the concept study

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    Next steps required for the further development of the Kaufhaus Krauss project:

    1. Adaptation of the retail concept for the Löwentor
    2. City decision on the future of the Stadtmitte parking garage

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    WEHRLE-WERK presents its “Emmendinger Plan” concept at the event organized by the trade association.

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    WEHRLE-WERK AG is the owner of the parking garage site area, but not of the parking garage itself. Furthermore, it is not involved in the operation of the parking garage.

    The leasehold contract exists between WEHRLE-WERK AG and Kaufhaus Krauss GmbH & Co. KG and the town of Emmendingen (1987-2054).

    The town of Emmendingen undertook to meet the obligations arising from the leasehold contract in the event of the department store's insolvency. This included the operation and maintenance of the parking garage.

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    1. Area behind the Krauss department store (formerly Neuer Markt)
      1. Discussions with the Unmüssig company and the town of Emmendingen are progressing, with the parking lot situation being a particular point of discussion
    2. Other areas (Marktgrafen parking lot, logistics center, Bismarckstraße parking lot)
      1. fsp. Urban planning begins in-depth planning on behalf of WEHRLE
    3. Concept development social partners
      1. The joint work with social partners such as “48° South” and “More space for children” make progress

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    Public information event in the former canteen of the Wehrle plant

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    Further contacts

    Information on the homepage of the town of Emmendingen

    Information on the homepage of the town of Emmendingen

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