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GreenTech solution concepts implemented worldwide

Practical implementation of comprehensive, economical and sustainable solution concepts for raw material recovery and resource conservation

As a family business and GreenTech provider in the future markets of wastewater and waste treatment, we always strive for long-term and reliable solutions rather than short-term success. This makes us a reliable sparring partner for our customers – today, tomorrow and in the future.

Leachate treatment using BIOMEMBRAT®-MBR

In the Nhong Khaem project, we enabled a smart process combination of membrane bioreactor, reverse osmosis and nanofiltration to achieve the highest possible salt retention and water recovery rate. With a discharge rate of > 93% of the treated wastewater and a minimum concentrate yield, the system offers an economical solution to save OPEX costs in the long term.

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Phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge thanks to the P-XTRACT® process

For the energy recovery of sewage sludge with subsequent phosphorus recovery, WEHRLE is supplying a fluidized bed incineration plant for the sewage treatment plant of the Staufener Bucht wastewater association in Bad Krozingen as part of the Staufener Bucht project. The aim of the project is to generate a marketable sewage sludge fertilizer with high plant availability with the help of thermal utilization including the P-XTRACT® process. 

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BIOMEMBRAT®-based recycling system for the treatment and use of laundry wastewater

With the help of the recycling system used, the customer Kreuznacher Zentralwäscherei GmbH & Co. Mietwäsche KG achieves a treatment capacity of approx. 65 m³ of wastewater per day and a reduction of the COD content from 2,000 mg/L in the inlet to less than 100 mg/L in the nanofiltration outlet.

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