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Nhong Khaem, Bangkok

Treatment of leachate from municipal landfills

2021 Bangkok, Nhong Khaem – Together with its Thai cooperation partner E-Square, WEHRLE is building a wastewater treatment plant for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA). 

The plant in the south of Bangkok treats the leachate resulting from temporary waste storage. Through synergetic process combinations, the plant cleans the heavily contaminated leachate and allows the purified water to be reused for other cleaning processes. By combining different treatment technologies, the plant meets strict discharge requirements and generates low quantities of residual waste. The customer benefits from reliable treatment technology, low disposal costs and thus contributes to the sustainable use of water as a resource.

Customer benefits at a glance

Simple and cost-effective maintenance with maximum performance thanks to a high degree of automation.

Water reuse of treated wastewater reduces fresh water costs. Lower quantities of residual materials reduce the disposal costs of wastewater residues. 

Water reuse within the system conserves water resources and reduces fresh water consumption.

Tried and tested process combinations ensure reliable system operation even with highly variable loads and load peaks. 

Local cooperation with partner E-Square enables permanent consulting with regard to upgrades, adaptations and extensions in the local language.

Initial situation

    Solution approach and concept description

    The leachate treatment plant consists of a combination of technologies with various treatment stages. An effective process combination ensures that the strict process requirements are met with high yields. Only small quantities of concentrate are produced, which must be passed on for special disposal. After treatment by a WEHRLE BIOMEMBRAT® high-performance membrane bioreactor (MBR), a partial flow of the MBR effluent is passed through a reverse osmosis (RO). The other partial flow of the MBR effluent passes through nanofiltration. The concentrates from the two final purification stages are further concentrated in a high-pressure reverse osmosis system. This means that only very small quantities of residual waste are produced for disposal: a clear operating cost advantage for the operator. 

    Scope of delivery

    • Core components of the BIOMEMBRAT® high-performance membrane bioreactor (MBR)  
    • Mechanically pre-installed reverse osmosis (RO)
    • Mechanically pre-installed nanofiltration (NF)
    • Mechanically pre-installed reverse osmosis concentrate 
    • Engineering service
    • Commissioning 
    • Transportation of all components

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