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Reliable leachate treatment with flexible reverse osmosis system

The DIRECT-RO is a reverse osmosis container system that is used to treat leachate directly from the lagoon or landfill. 

The highly flexible and reliable 80 bar reverse osmosis system is the ideal solution for a high permeate yield at variable flow rates. With its compact design, simple operation and quick installation, the DIRECT-RO process combination is the perfect entry-level technology for the treatment of landfill leachate. Thanks to its modular design, the adaptable leachate treatment system can be expanded easily and cost-effectively and its performance can be further optimized with additional process solutions such as a BIOMEMBRAT® MBR. 

The leachate treatment system is available in three different sizes (S, M or XL) and as a rental system and covers inflow volumes of up to 260 m³/d. Thanks to a wide range of package options, the leachate treatment system can be easily adapted to local conditions and fully supported with the help of individual service packages.

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Product advantages of the DIRECT-RO leachate treatment system

The high system availability and rapid provision of spare parts are ensured by the worldwide availability of spiral winding modules. Use as a rental system guarantees continuous system operation.

The high level of automation of the process technology enables resource-efficient and cost-reduced plant operation.

Excellent support is ensured by comprehensive after-sales services, from contact hotline and remote support to on-site service calls.

The availability of rental plants offers temporary support adapted to individual wastewater conditions, for example to cushion peak loads or in the event of an acute need for treatment capacity.

Areas of application for DIRECT-RO reverse osmosis systems

With over 50 installed leachate treatment plants and more than 160 successfully implemented reverse osmosis plants worldwide, WEHRLE has extensive experience in the field of landfill leachate. The DIRECT-RO systems create a sustainable and reliable solution for the treatment of landfill leachate for our international customers.

  • Cold commissioning of a reverse osmosis system for leachate treatment
  • Reverse osmosis for the treatment of landfill leachate
  • View into the container system of a DIRECT-RO leachate treatment plant
  • Spiral wound modules in use for cleaning landfill leachate
  • DIRECT-RO reverse osmosis system for leachate treatment
  • Wastewater samples show treated landfill leachate

    DIRECT-RO reverse osmosis systems separate leachate into concentrate, which contains organic substances (BOD, COD), nitrogen compounds (ammonium, organically bound nitrogen), PFC/PFA, heavy metals and salts, and a high-quality, low-salt permeate. 

    WEHRLE DIRECT-RO - Reverse Osmosis plant for landfill leachate treatment

    Upgrade of the DIRECT-RO technology by means of biological wastewater treatment with the BIOMEMBRAT® MBR

    With the DIRECT-RO reverse osmosis system, we provide you with the perfect entry-level technology for treating leachate. Cost-effective – simple and uncomplicated. In order to achieve a future-proof, successful and sustainable purification of landfill leachate in the long term, a supplementary biological elimination technology such as the BIOMEMBRAT® MBR membrane bioreactor is the ideal solution. The process combination of membrane bioreactor and reverse osmosis ensures reliable compliance with limit values and is one of the most efficient wastewater treatment combinations for landfill leachate.

    By using a membrane bioreactor in addition to the DIRECT-RO, the organic and nitrogen load can be eliminated. Supplementary wastewater treatment, for example by post-treatment using a DIRECT-RO reverse osmosis system, reliably ensures compliance with locally applicable limit values. The synthesis of both processes offers economic advantages such as the reduction of chemical consumption or the extension of the service life of the membranes used. You can find out whether a process combination of biological leachate treatment and reverse osmosis technology is recommended for your system by talking to our wastewater experts.

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    Further information on the DIRECT-RO reverse osmosis leachate treatment system

    The different sizes and treatment packages of the DIRECT-RO always allow a suitable leachate treatment concept to be tailored to the individual wastewater volume. Which of the system sizes (S, M and XL) is used depends, among other things, on the flow rate to be treated.

    Standard values: 
    20-80 m³/d – S-System 
    80-16 m³/d – M-System  
    160- 260 m³/d – XL-System

    DIRECT-RO - recovery rate of landfill leachate treatment

    Depending on the required retention rate, which is to be expected depending on the TDS concentration in the inlet, a 2- or 3-stage configuration can be selected.

    The retention rate of a two-stage DIRECT-RO landfill leachate treatment plant is 98% chemical oxygen demand (COD), 92% ammonium (NH4-N) and 98% total dissolved solids (TDS). The retention rate of a three-stage DIRECT-RO landfill leachate treatment plant is 99% COD, 97.5% NH4-N and 99.5% TDS.

    Feed & Bleed configuration of WEHRLE DIRECT-RO for landfill leachate treatment

    A feed-and-bleed configuration can consist of one or more "loops". In most cases, each circuit has the same membrane configuration: The circulation pumps (CP) ensure the cross-flow and thus enable a flexible inlet flow. The high-pressure pump (PP) provides the bypass pressure, resulting in a higher yield when treating heavily contaminated wastewater such as leachate.

    The feed-and-bleed configuration with spiral wound membranes provides reliable purification of heavily contaminated wastewater such as landfill leachate. The membranes are available worldwide and are characterized by low acquisition costs and a shorter maintenance time in direct comparison with disk-tube membranes. A clear customer benefit in terms of time and cost savings.


    Thanks to the wide range of package options, configuration options and services, we will find the right solution for your leachate treatment challenge together with you. Our optional add-on packages help you to put together a complete design and full equipment as well as comprehensive support in the shortest possible time. Contact us for more information and details on our configuration options.  

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