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Grate firing system GRATEFRIRE for thermal waste recycling


Grate firing technology for reliable waste recycling

The complete grate firing system that makes a reliable contribution to the decarbonization of society. 

The decentralized waste-to-energy plant offers high fuel flexibility and treats problematic waste such as household waste or production waste. With the help of the grate firing system, the energy generated from the thermal utilization of waste can be converted into local and district heating networks or electricity. This replaces fossil fuels and contributes to the energy transition. Thanks to standardized project coordination by our experts and a comprehensive all-round service from engineering and component production to inspections, the grate firing system offers a cost-efficient solution with a standardized communication chain. Free access to critical components minimizes maintenance costs and maximizes uptime by reducing maintenance times. The water-cooled grate system reduces wear on the system components and ensures high operational availability with short downtimes and a wide selection of fuels. Depending on the heat value of the available fuel material, the output range of the GRATEFIRE grate firing system extends from approx. 10-60 MWth and can be installed either water-cooled or air-cooled (with the exception of the baffle beam and the first and second lintels).

grate firing system - 3D drawing of GRATEFIRE technology from WEHRLE

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Advantages of the GRATEFIRE combustion grate

The fuel range of the GRATEFIRE combustion system includes: Household waste, commercial waste, paper residues, substitute fuels, biomass of classes 1-4. The GRATEFIRE system has a high heat value range of approx. 7.5 MJ/kg - 20.0 MJ/kg.

Critical parts and essential components are easily accessible in order to reduce maintenance time, maximize uptime and thus reduce maintenance costs for the operator.

The water-cooled GRATEFIRE grate ensures reduced wear of components and thus supports high operational availability and a long service life of the combustion system.

The optimized geometry of the grate bars enables efficient coolant supply to the grate bars, minimizes wear and thus reduces the operating costs of the system.

Controlled, consistent thermal utilization and homogeneous energy distribution reduce the amount of wear and avoid imbalances, which contributes to the even utilization and wear of the system.

The modular construction principle of the system components reduces assembly costs, minimizes assembly times on site and enables in-house functional tests to ensure operational capability at the final system location.

The range of solutions comprising engineering, production, assembly and services reduces costs thanks to standardized site management and reduced space requirements for on-site construction equipment. The consistant business partnership across all the project phases relating to boiler and firing systems simplifies communication channels and ensures efficient project management.

Existing plants with an air-cooled grate firing system can be quickly and easily converted to a water-cooled recycling system using GRATEFIRE technology and can thus react to changes in the fuel supply.

GRATEFIRE is based on the technology of a feed grate

The main grate is inclined by 6°, the burn-out grate is horizontal. The fuel quantity is metered to the grate using the feed slide. The grate consists of fixed and movable grate rows. The moving rows are moved back and forth. This movement transports the fuel and breaks it up at the same time. Thanks to the adjustable speed of the independent grate zones 1-3, the firing position can be set precisely. The slag produced falls through the slag shaft into the deslagger.

 grate firing technology - GRATEFIRE 3D Animation Drawing of waste treatment system

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