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BIODIGAT® biological wastewater treatment plant MYT Kahlenberg


Anaerobic wastewater treatment

WEHRLE BIODIGAT® is a continuous biological wastewater treatment process that converts organic pollutants dissolved in water into valuable biogas.

The reliable process combination purifies wastewater with a high organic load, for example from the food and beverage industry, and generates renewable energy in the form of biogas. After appropriate processing, this can be fed into the regular gas grid or used to generate heat and electricity. BIODIGAT® therefore makes a direct contribution to reducing the CO2 footprint, protecting the environment and producing biogas sustainably. Furthermore, anaerobic wastewater treatment with the BIODIGAT® can significantly reduce excess sludge production, which in turn significantly reduces sludge disposal costs.

Customer benefits at a glance

Feeding the biogas directly into the general gas grid or using it directly on site as a fuel in the form of heat or electricity enables both a reduction in the CO2 footprint and a reduction in the cost of energy prices for the plant operator.

BIODIGAT® can be operated seasonally, which allows the plant operator a high degree of flexibility in dealing with varying wastewater volumes and solid flows.

The amount of excess sludge in anaerobic high-performance reactors is significantly lower than in aerobic processes. Biological anaerobic systems are considered to be virtually residue-free.

The anaerobic system can also be used to break down substances such as pectin and chlorinated hydrocarbons. The BIODIGAT SB product variant, for example, enables a reduction of up to 85% of the COD content.

The areas of application of the BIODIGAT®

BIODIGAT® has a wide range of applications, but the applications always have one thing in common – a high organic load. This enables the highest possible and optimum biogas yield and makes the BIODIGAT® SB a product that supports sustainable energy production.

  • BIODIGAT® anaerobic wastewater treatment
  • Biological wastewater treatment plant
  • biogas generation plant
  • Biogas plant with wastewater treatement
  • industrial effluent treatment plant
    BIODIGAT® - Industrial wastewater treatment by anaerobic wastewater treatment from WEHRLE for customers Devely

    Biogas from wastewater

    Successful handover of the anaerobic system BIODIGAT® SB to the customer Develey in Dingolfing

    In March 2021, Develey Senf & Feinkost GmbH, an international manufacturer of mustard, sauces and dressings and winner of the German Sustainability Award 2020, commissioned WEHRLE to design and implement a wastewater treatment plant with biogas generation. Just one year later, in the summer of 2022, the industrial water treatment plant at Germany's largest production site in Dingolfing was quickly biologically commissioned at 100% capacity.

    Photo: © Martin Schaub, WEHRLE

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    Further information on BIODIGAT®

    anaerobic expanded granular sludge bed (EGSB) reactor 

    • Very compact and efficient treatment technology for the production of biogas from wastewater with dissolved COD

    anaerobic activated sludge reactor

    • Anaerobic treatment technology optimized for biogas yield, which also converts undissolved COD (fats, oils and organic solids) into biogas

    • BIODIGEST®: The process is used for the anaerobic conversion of suspended organic solids, mixed streams and sludge to produce biogas. BIODIGEST® ensures optimum substrate utilization and thus a high biogas yield thanks to its central stirring technology.
    • BIODIGEST® recover: This technology enables the targeted addition of organic solids to liquids in order to further increase the effectiveness of anaerobic digestion.
    • BIODIGEST® detox: This anaerobic process combination enables the safe treatment of liquid substrates with biotoxic components.

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