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Plant services

We offer service solutions to sustainably promote the profitability of your company.

To ensure effective cooperation with our customers, we offer customized service packages for the treatment of a wide range of industrial wastewater and landfill leachate. 

We support our customers before, during and after system construction to ensure the successful functionality of their system technology in the long term. Our services range from expertly managed system operation to the provision of rental systems and comprehensive all-round advice. With our versatile service options ranging from feasibility analyses to the further development of existing systems, we are always at our customers' side as a reliable partner in all project phases.

Our services

As a sparring partner in plant engineering, we offer you a wide range of services to find the best possible service combination and plant dimensioning for your task. With our individually tailored solutions and service packages, we ensure your long-term, cost-effective system operation.

We are your sparring partner for every service requirement of your wastewater treatment plant

services and support for wastewater treatment plants

We strengthen, support and improve your system operation thanks to individual support concepts before, during and after system operation.

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Feasibility studies and advice/recommendation for an optimal treatment concept

Analysis of wastewater samples in the company's own laboratory

Biological degradation performance, membrane screening, activated carbon isotherm, flocculation/precipitation, settling behavior, etc.

Wastewater treatment studies directly at the customer's premises, optimization of design parameters for system planning in the run-up to a project

Development of concepts to increase performance

Development of concepts for plant expansion

  • Ensuring system operation through professional maintenance and services
  • Competent advice and supply of spare parts and operating resources

Rental of complete systems and wastewater treatment components on request, including system operation

Rental systems and components

To cushion peak loads and adjust the processing capacity

Our temporary wastewater treatment systems are quick and easy to install. They offer an efficient solution for cushioning peak loads or adapting existing wastewater treatment systems to short-term changes in the quantity and concentration of wastewater. With our rental systems and rental components, we ensure smooth and cost-effective system operation even under variable environmental conditions. 

support and rental plants for industrial wastewater treatment and landfill leachate treatment

We offer the following rental systems and rental components:

  • Bioreactors with aeration system
  • Ultrafiltration container
  • Reverse osmosis container
  • Storage container
  • Filter systems
  • Activated carbon adsorber

Secure your continuous system operation for peak loads now!

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Spare parts and operating resources

Consumables for smooth system operation

With our experienced service team, we offer you comprehensive and competent advice as well as fast delivery of wear and spare parts, including special operating materials. 

Spare parts and operating resources for industrial wastewater treatment and landfill leachate treatment plants

We offer:

  • Membrane modules
  • Ultrafiltration cleaner
  • Measurement technology
  • Chemicals
  • Antiscalant
  • Activated carbon
  • and much more 

Ensure the long-term and trouble-free operation of your wastewater treatment plant. 

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service packages and plant services for industrial wastewater treatment and landfill leachate treatment plants

System support

Support packages for your individual requirements

We support you in securing your plant operation and operating your wastewater treatment plant economically in the long term. With our Basic, Value and Care support packages, we offer you a range of solutions to provide you with comprehensive support tailored to your individual needs. From telephone consultation, data analysis to reduced operating costs and remote support in the event of malfunctions to full system operation via remote access, including training of operating personnel and maintenance of components, we offer a suitable service concept for every challenge. 

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Maintenance & repairs of wastewater treatment plants

Maintenance & repairs

Regular maintenance work and repairs by WEHRLE personnel ensure your continuous system operation

Our service includes the complete execution of maintenance and repair work on the various plant components of your wastewater treatment plant, in particular on units and measuring devices, to ensure smooth plant operation. Furthermore, we also support you in carrying out annual maintenance and TÜV inspections for system components subject to mandatory testing as well as in the preparation of explosion protection documents for wastewater treatment plants.

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Laboratory analyses and tests of industrial effluents and landfill leachate

Laboratory analyses and tests

Evaluation of wastewater characteristics for the design of reliable and economical wastewater treatment

We analyze your wastewater samples directly in our in-house laboratory in order to put together the right system technology and services for your requirements. We specialize in the measured variables relevant to wastewater treatment, such as COD, nitrate, nitrite, ammonium, acid capacity, total N, total P, filterable substances, sludge parameters, dry substance and dry residue.

Find out more about our available laboratory analyses and laboratory tests and contact our sales team. 

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We support you before, during and after system operation

  • Container plants and rental plants for treatment of industrial effluent
  • plant services for landfill leachate treatment plants and industrial effluent treatment plants
  • plant services for landfill leachate treatment plants and industrial effluent treatment plants

    Further information on our services for wastewater treatment plants

    We offer you various service packages in the area of system support and remote support. Choose the right solution for you from our three packages (BASIC, VALUE and CARE). You can find detailed information on our service packages here:

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    • The BASIC remote maintenance package is designed for customers who are looking for simple, cost-effective basic support for their system and want guidance for practical system operation.
    • The VALUE remote maintenance package is designed for customers who want comprehensive support with data analysis to reduce operating costs.
    • The CARE remote maintenance package is a fully comprehensive system operation model with customer personnel on site, under the responsibility of WEHRLE.

    Do you know how much it costs you to treat one cubic meter of wastewater? Have you always wanted to compare the consumption volumes of your system with similar systems? Having an overview of the system's consumption volumes and making the necessary adjustments is the key to reducing operating costs.

    WEHRLE evaluates operating parameters and analyzes the efficiency of your plant's key process stages, provides an overview of how plant performance can be optimized and develops an EOA action plan with recommendations for improving your plant's key performance indicators.

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    • Reduction in chemical consumption
    • Support in operating the system
    • Longer component service life
    • Reduced need for wear & spare parts
    • Optimized system performance (COD and N elimination)

    Depending on customer requirements, WEHRLE systems are equipped with a remote monitoring & remote control system that allows our service personnel to directly view the status of the system and make a qualified recommendation for the operation of the system. Critical operating states can thus be avoided in advance and quick, location-independent and efficient problem solutions can be implemented.

    As a rule, there are several ways to solve a wastewater treatment problem. But which is the best, most reliable, most economical method? Does the proposed concept take into account the conditions on site, in the factory or at the point where the wastewater is produced? Have the characteristic properties of the wastewater to be treated been sufficiently taken into account when drawing up the concept and is the system ultimately dimensioned in such a way that it can cope with expected changes in composition and quantity without immediately becoming oversized or unnecessarily expensive? As a customer, how can I ensure that my investment is well spent? We ask ourselves these questions! On request, WEHRLE will work with the customer to develop a customized treatment concept that is open to results and adapted to the individual task. WEHRLE supports the customer with water mapping, approval planning and also carries out feasibility studies for the treatment of partial flows. The knowledge gained can later be implemented in system technology – optimally adapted to the customer's requirements with precisely the necessary flexibility and safely dimensioned to avoid unnecessary additional costs in acquisition and operation.

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