A firm grip on Water as a production factor

Raw water, process water, waste water and water reuse, up to Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) – integrated solutions for these tasks require modern processes and process combinations. Decentralized plants from WEHRLE offer sustainable energy and cost efficiency to the industry.

Especially for factories with significant variations of wastewater throughputs and loads, WEHRLE’s high-performance plants offer a reliable and space-saving solution. WEHRLE’s highly automated control philosophy and operator interface enables a safe and reliable plant operation with a minimum of personnel costs.

WEHRLE - treatment and recycling of industrial wastewaters

WEHRLE brings technology from the Premium Class of wastewater treatment - i.e. leachate treatment - into the industry ... and with it the following benefits:

  • space-saving plants, enclosed construction possible
  • strict compliance with the discharge limits also for strong changes in concentration or load
  • computer-assistend operation and automated adaption to load changes - saves electricity and labor!
  • easy link with further process steps, e.g. for upgrade to water recycling or ZLD capability
  • future prove due to modular design: easy plant extension and performance adjustment

Pre-Sales Services of WEHRLE regarding Wastewater treatment