Cooling water - efficient water reuse

The most significant part of the industry’s water consumption is destined for the cooling of plants. For this purpose, water is extracted, for example, from rivers and aquifers. A recirculation reduces the required water quantities and increases water availability. Yet the composition of the cooling water in the circuit strongly varies in time:

  • The concentration of all salts is increased due to evaporation
  • Via air and the process itself, foreign matters reach the cooling circuit
  • Chemicals are added to make the recirculation possible:
    - hardness stabilizers
    - corrosion inhibitors
    - biocides

WEHRLE offers efficient water reuse plants - e.g. for cooling water

In order to comply with the foreign matter concentrations which can be tolerated by the process, part of the circuit stream is continuously extracted. This blowdown water is highly loaded with salts and chemicals and must be treated!

Your advantages: An efficient treatment of this blowdown water
  • reduces energy consumption
  • reduces the use of chemicals
  • reduces the volume of fresh water which must be fed into the cooling circuit.

This increases your economic efficiency and helps to protect the environment! Should other water streams be available, fresh water can also be saved by installing a suitable water reuse – another step towards ZLD!

Pre-Sales Services of WEHRLE regarding Wastewater treatment