Efficient concepts for water supply and disposal in food & beverage industry

Effluents from the food and beverage production can usually be biodegraded easily. However, the demands for the discharge qualities have risen in the last years and are often difficult to reach with conventional activated sludge plants, SBRs or MBBRs.

WEHRLE offers a wide range of solutions, especially in terms of space requirements, process reliability when treating varying effluent loads and concentrations, process automation 4.0, reduced operating costs and highest Efficiency. 

For this purpose, the following processes may be applied or, depending on the requirements, be combined in a plant:

Pre-treatment processes:

  • Flotations and fat traps for effective removal of solids and grease
  • Buffer tank for evening out variations in loads and concentrations

Main processes:

  • High-performance MBR plants for efficient biological elimination of organic carbon and nitrogen compounds
  • Anaerobic plants for the production of biogas, e.g. with power generation in a combined heat and power plant

Post-treatment processes:  

  • Nanofiltration or reverse osmosis for water recycling and ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge)
  • Disinfection for water reuse in production

As turnkey provider for plant construction, WEHRLE also offers solutions for water treatment for production and boiler feed water, such as dead-end filtration, reverse osmosis, water softening, ion exchangers, etc.

WEHRLE plants are known for their high reliability and longevity, being easy to operate and ensuring constantly low operating costs and highest efficiency.

Your advantages:

  • Sophisticated design: The modular plant can cope with new tasks or reduce its power consumption when less wastewater is produced.
  • Reliable operation: The dynamic, highly automated plant operation adapts to production peaks and properly deals with high loads.
  • Cover: Due to the very compact plant design, all tanks can be easily covered. The wastewater cannot be seen anymore and no odour nuisance/aerosols are produced.

Pre-Sales Services of WEHRLE regarding Wastewater treatment