Wastewater treatment technology for the laundry and textile industry

Industrial effluent treatment and end-of-pipe water recycling

To save costs for fresh water and effluents, industrial laundries have installed many internal water cycles. These measures have helped to significantly reduce the specific water consumption. To further reduce the water costs, wastewater instead of being discharged can be recycled as process water. Membrane  separation plants eliminate organic and inorganic substances and avoid their accumulation in the cycle. Due to the link between the quantity of laundry detergent, the laundry detergent substances and the degree of pollution, the membrane process must be adapted to the individual laundry process. In industrial laundries, which do not have a biological pretreatment, a membrane plant can very easily be upgraded. Additionally to the saving in water consumption,  profitability is further increased by the reduction of water soening agents and a minimized energy demand. Especially in the textile industry, effluent decolourization is also an important aspect.

WEHRLE - Water recycling in the laundry and textile industry

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Water recycling in laundry & textile industry - industrial effluent treatment

WEHRLE has a wide range of experience and technologies in the field of water purification and effluent treatment and is able to use tailor-made processes or process combinations. Our focus lies on providing the best technological solution achieving the highest economic viability for the customer.