Wastewater treatment for the pulp and paper industry

Industrial effluent treatment and water recycling

The use of decentralised and production-integrated wastewater treatment has considerably contributed to the reduction of water consumption in the production of the pulp and paper industry. Yet the reduced wastewater volumes contain a higher concentration of contaminants, which keep exceeding the discharge limit values for the wastewater, especially when producing wood-pulp paper, waste paper or pulp. Besides, the wastewater from the pulp and paper industry cannot be compared to conventional municipal wastewater due to the different products and production types, the acid sulphite or the alkaline sulphate process and lime precipitations.

Due to the disadvantages of conventional treatment systems, such as greater space requirement, odour generation, increased chemical consumption, etc., they are getting replaced by modern processes, which are adapted to suit the changes in requirements in the industry.

In many cases, these modern processes also allow an easy upgrade for water recycling, i.e. recycling of process water, even Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), and therefore contribute significantly to an economical production.

WEHRLE has a wide range of experience and technologies in regard to raw water and effluent treatment and is able to use tailor-made processes or process combinations. Not only the technical solution but also the best possible cost-effectiveness of the plant is a priority to us.

Pre-Sales Services of WEHRLE regarding Wastewater treatment