Ammonia reduction - reliable and cost-effective plant operation

  • Landfill leachate
  • Liquid manure
  • Fermentation residues
  • Waste water from mechanical-biological waste treatment (MBT)
  • Return liquor from digestion towers
  • Sludge blow-down

Effluents from waste are highly polluted and therefore require a reliable and effective treatment before being fed back to the local sewage treatment plant or the nature. Many conventional technologies fail to handle these waste waters successfully. Due to high concentration of organic substances, salts and most of all environmentally harmful nitrogen compounds, such as ammonium (NH4), nitrite (NO2) and nitrate (NO3) these effluents are toxic, can cause eutrophication and may lead to significant odour emissions, sometimes the greenhouse gas N2O.

It is important to eliminate these compounts in the effluent thoroughly and effectively before discharge into the sewers or Nature. For this, a special technology as well as operational experience regarding the interaction of biological and physiochemical processes is required. 

WEHRLE is your ideal partner and manufacturer regarding the handling of this difficult application. WEHRLE's first plants for nitrogen elimination concerning waste waters operate since 1991. Still today they constantly prove their reliability and cost-effective operation.

Your benefits:

  • Various process technologies available: depending on the task, we select the suitable process technology for you - from pre-treatment up to high-performance biological treatment steps with elimination rates of up to 99.9 % for ammonia and up to 98 % for nitrate.
  • Reliability: the effluents are being treated reliably during all seasons and over a period of serveral years without reduction in performance or increase of consumption.
  • Economics & Stability: the low usage of resources and wear & tear parts assures you low operation costs. Togehter with the continuously high performance of the plant, you get highest certainty for budgeting your operation expenditures.


Pre-Sales Services of WEHRLE regarding Wastewater treatment