Treatment of industrial effluents

WEHRLE’s high-performance bioreactors are characterised by particularly high process stability and reliability, especially in case of wastewaters with high variations of loads and compositions, such as common in many industrial effluents. By using slim, high reactors only small footprint is required and the aeration is energetically optimised. WEHRLE plants are no conventional industrial wastewater treatment plants – they are odourless and can be integrated near to inhabited areas or working places without any problems.

Due to its wide range of technologies, WEHRLE is capable of creating the ideal entire industrial wastewater treatment plant by cleverly linking different process stages.

Especially for applications in the industry also factors beyond the used technology are important:

  • reliable performance in case of possible variations of wastewater volume and loads of the industrial wastewater (e.g. caused by seasonal production or changes of product lines)
  • reliable operation also in difficult climatic conditions
  • modular design for simple maintenance and upgradability at low costs
  • simple automated operation to minimise supervision work or to make possible an easy outsourcing of the plant operation

Moreover, the stable high effluent quality of WEHRLE plants allow an easy, optional upgrading, e.g. to use the treated water for reuse / recycling and therefore, to save costs for process water, wastewater, heat energy and possibly softening.