Landfill leachate treatment plant

Due to the multitude of highly concentrated water substances, landfill leachate is one of the most difficult wastewaters to treat. Therefore, the legislator stipulates a reliable leachate treatment before discharging it into the municipal sewer or nature.

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The worldwide experience gained on industrial scale in the recent decades has shown that conventional treatment technologies from municipal sewage management centres fail to tackle this task. This is particularly often in economic terms, having led to a large number of unprofitable investments, unnecessarily high operational costs and, at the same time, an unsatisfying treatment performance.

High buffer capacities make chemical processes unprofitable and unnecessarily dangerous for the operator for reasons of safety and health. Hardeners and the generally high salt contents of the leachate place high demands on processes and individual components. An entire elimination of ammonia nitrogen, which is particularly harmful to the environment, is still not constantly ensured. Yet WEHRLE’s reliable state-of-the-art process technology has successfully proven that a constant removal is possible. Used processes for the treatment of leachate from landfills include high-performance biological systems in combination with membrane technologies and optionally activated carbon. This ensures a long-time effective and efficient removal of organic and inorganic pollutants from the wastewater and a lasting benefit for the environment.

WEHRLE is a reliable, experienced and product-independent plant constructor and plant operator for this special application. Very often intelligent process combinations lead to the most economic and best solutions. Our first leachate treatment plants were built already in 1991 and have been operating reliably ever since – an evidence not only for first-class technology but also for sustainable economic efficiency with stable and predictable low operational costs.

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Landfill leachate treatment by WEHRLE:

landfill leachate treatment plants by WEHRLE


  • Over 30 years of experience in the treatment of leachate and effluents from waste
  • More than 200 plants constructed for this application
  • Reference plants on landfills / MBTs in more than 20 countries worldwide
  • Supplier for globally active waste disposal companies
  • Consulting, planning, construction of plants – and over 200 man-years of experience in operating such plants

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