Treatment of pig manure and liquid digestate

The treatment of pig manure and liquid digestate of different origins is one of the greatest challenges in wastewater treatment. If they cannot be spread out again as farm manure, they must be treated reliably and effectively before discharging them into a municipal sewage treatment plant or Nature.

The high loads of organic compounds, nitrogen, phosphorus, salts and solids, which are typical for this kind of wastewater, require a sophisticated process combination and process control. Especially for a reliable elimination of the nitrogen compounds ammonium (NH4) and nitrate (NO3), which are particularly detrimental to the environment, specific technologies and many years of operating experience with regard to the interactions of biological and physical-chemical processes are indispensable.

Besides the processes for nutrient recovery, nutrient-destructive treatment gains more and more acceptance, in particular because of the following reasons:

  • In regions with a surplus of nitrogen, nutrient recovery to obtain fertiliser is not economically viable.
  • The robust biological (nutrient-destructive) processes have proven their stable operation over years.
  • When producing liquid fertiliser, operating costs, e.g. for storage and transport, are caused, being a threat to economic efficiency.

Treatment of pig manure and liquid digestate
​Nitrogen-eliminating process for the treatment of liquid manure: High-performance MBR (BIOMEMBRAT®) with optional stripping in hybrid mode

Your advantages:

  • Safe investment:
    WEHRLE has extensive experience in constructing plants for the treatment of liquid manure and digestate
  • Reliable operation:
    Since the beginning of 2000, WEHRLE has been operating plants for the treatment of liquid manure and digestate and has been supporting clients in operating their plants
  • Economic efficiency:
    WEHRLE plants are designed for highest performance reliability, simple operation and low operating costs – another decisive advantage from which you can profit.

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