Concentrating, filtration and material recovery from water and solutions

Water used in production cycles absorbs pollutants in the course of the process. Depending on the type of production, this rinsing effect is desired. However, this may also lead to a loss of resource materials. Oils, solvents, metals and also heat from the water – as well as the water itself – are of value to the company, which should not just be “washed down the drain”. The recovery of those substances could be of interest, not only to achieve sustainability goals but also for economic reasons.
Other processes require the concentration of substances within the water or process solutions – e.g. pigments in the colour and painting industry, the thickening of brines in the food industry – or the filtration and/or purification of liquids – e.g. in water softening or lye purification in the food industry.
Membrane technologies offer a wide range of technical solutions. Compared to other technologies, membrane processes require less chemicals and energy. The operation is automated and stable, whilst the prefabricated and compact membrane skids allow an easy and quick installation.
By combining different membrane types, even complex separations are possible, also in aggressive media such as acids and lye.
As engineering company and plant supplier, WEHRLE does not always choose standard solutions but takes into consideration the customer’s individual requirements by designing and constructing a suitable plant ideally adapted to the user’s technical and economic needs.

Concentrating, filtring and material recovery from water and solutions

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