Tailor-made solutions for the treatment of highly loaded industrial wastewaters

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Every branch of industry has its own characteristics – and so does its respective industrial wastewater. By planning individual wastewater treatment plants based on our experience gained in the corresponding industry segment, we accurately develop the best solution for your requirements. Having decades of experience in the treatment of highly complex landfill leachate – the premier class of wastewater treatment – we are able to contribute high-performance technologies to the industry sector, thus reducing the chemical footprint and the water footprint.

You will profit from the world’s most compact biological wastewater treatment plants, which flexibly adapt to variations of wastewater loads, saving energy and resources and ensuring highest automation and simple operation. By developing intelligent process combinations, we also find solutions for the most challenging treatment tasks, designing decentralised high-performance plants at factory level.

WEHRLE industrial wastewater treatment plants - Tailor-made solutions for the treatment of highly loaded wastewaters

WEHRLE industrial wastewater treatment plants

Individual solutions for industrial wastewater treatment plants:

  • Small footprint reduces surface requirements
  • Automated, load-sensing plant control reduces energy consumption
  • Efficient process technology reduces the use of chemicals and other consumables
  • Proper dimensioning reduces costs for maintenance and spare parts
  • Modular upgradability reduces investments
  • Sophisticated operator interface and automation reduces work efforts
  • Flexible plant control adapts to variations of loads – and reduces stress!

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