High-Tech effluent treatment for synthetic resin production in India

When conventional effluent treatment technology reaches its limits, high-tech is needed. It happened so on the tough and price-sensitive Indian market where WEHRLE has been awarded the contract for the construction of a plant for the treatment of industrial effluents from synthetic resin production: The Indian company THERMAX Chemical Division, having its headquarters in Pune, offers not only different technologies and plants for energy recovery and environmental protection but also various solutions and products for chemical industries.

On one of the production sites, an effluent quantity of approximately 750 m³/d is generated when producing synthetic resin. For the treatment of those effluents, the client needs a plant reliably fulfilling the treatment objectives required, while steadily keeping the current operating costs at a low level, even in case of strongly varying wastewater parameters. For this application, THERMAX, a plant constructor for wastewater treatment itself, relies on the high-performance Membrane Bioreactor according to WEHRLE‘s BIOMEMBRAT®process. This technology is one of the most reliable and economically sustainable solutions for the treatment of complex wastewaters, ensuring the treatment objective with an elimination of pollutants of over 95 %, even in case of strong variations of the wastewater. The dynamic plant control adapts to variations of wastewater volume and regulates, among other things, the electricity consumption, making it possible to considerably save energy, especially in times of low loads. The operator is supported by a smart process control with optional assistance given by WEHRLE’s head office via remote access. If required in the future, the plant can be extended easily: a flexible and sustainable solution.