Modern industrial effluent treatment in Malaysia

With the second industrial effluent treatment plant for the food & beverage industry in Malaysia, WEHRLE solidifies its entry into this highly competitive market. A BIOMEMBRAT® High-Performance MBR will treat effluent from the number 1 Italian jam producer Menz & Gasser in a greenfield factory in Kuala Lumpur.

Where effluent is as easy to treat as food & beverage wastewater and a market as competitive and price sensitive as in this region, WEHRLE’s expertise as leader in treatment plants for complex wastewaters and landfill leachate is certainly not a mandatory requirement for this project. But, the process technologies WEHRLE had developed for such harsh applications bring unique benefits also in much simpler cases, as this one is. Features like flexible, computer assisted plant operation to cope with changing effluent characteristics, modularity for simple future extensions, space-saving plant design, low chemical consumption and, most important, low operation costs are typical for WEHRLE plants.

For Menz & Gasser, this is the first factory outside Italy and therefore under exceptionally careful planning and consideration. WEHRLE succeeded against four strong competitors due to the practical, simple and reliable plant operation and a convincing, cost-effective solution to allow future upgrades to follow the client’s growth plans.

By including WEHRLE’s partner in Malaysia, EnviroServe, into this project, it was possible to provide the client with an optimized price/performance package, utilizing local contents and services and reducing the higher priced European content to a minimum. The plant treats 200 m³/d with 8,200 mg/l COD to a level that is reliably kept within the local regulations for a direct discharge into the nature.


About WEHRLE Umwelt

For more than 35 years WEHRLE has been setting benchmarks as pioneer and technology leader for the treatment of very complex (waste)waters, such as landfill leachate or industrial effluents.

The wide range of available process technologies allows intelligent process combinations under comprehensive consideration of investment and operating costs, to fulfil the requirements and expectations of the client in the best possible way. WEHRLE consults, plans and builds plants and offers corresponding services such as Water Mapping, laboratory tests, piloting, efficiency optimization, retrofit of existing plants up to full plant operation. The WEHRLE employees are dedicated to the company’s history: as a 100% family-owned company in the 5th and 6th generation reliability, longevity and openness towards clients and partners are the top priorities. The clients of WEHRLE trust in this philosophy – in over 40 countries and on 5 continents.