New biological plant for the chemical industry in Paraguay

WEHRLE builds new biological pant for the chemical industry in Paraguay

TECNOMYL S.A. commissions WEHRLE with the construction of a BIOMEMBRAT® MBR for the treatment of wastewater from the production of agricultural pesticides.

The Paraguayan company TECNOMYL S.A. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of agricultural pesticides in Paraguay. After two years of joint work, the company has contracted WEHRLE to build a new plant for the treatment of its production wastewater. After the laboratory tests performed in Germany and the subsequent on-site piloting, which was carried out together with WEHRLE’s Brazilian cooperation partner Ambiensys, TECNOMYL was convinced of the benefits of WEHRLE’s technology.

The wastewater treatment plant for the Villeta production site is based on a biological process completely designed by WEHRLE, consisting of a BIOMEMBRAT®Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) and a downstream two-stage Nanofiltration. Most of the equipment will be delivered in two containers of 20’ and 40’ each, which will already be fully assembled and pre-tested at WEHRLE’s headquarters in Germany.

With this advanced technology, TECNOMYL will be able to safely comply with the strict discharge limits. The concentration of organic matter (COD) will be reduced from 8,000 mg/l to < 150 mg/l and the concentration of ammonia nitrogen (NH4-N) from 400 mg/l to < 5 mg/l. The solids content is also reduced by 100% (from 200 mg/l to 0 mg/l) and the phosphorus concentration by more than 99% (from 200 mg/l to < 2 mg/l).

The delivery time for the new high-performance plant is eleven months. The commissioning is scheduled for December 2022. Ambiensys will carry out the electromechanical installation, the monitoring and the commissioning on site in coordination with WEHRLE.