Wastewater treatment in Biodiesel Production

WEHRLE supplies high-performance plant to England

WEHRLE delivers a high-performance plant for the treatment of production wastewater to one of the pioneers of biodiesel production near Liverpool. A total of three wastewater streams will be treated biologically or mechanically or in combination, depending on their composition.

WEHRLE’s proven BIOMEMBRAT® MBR will be combined with a downstream WEHRLE Reverse Osmosis (RO) unit. The intelligent interconnection of the process steps makes it possible to treat the previously heavily polluted wastewater to such an extent that qualities for direct reuse or discharge into the nature will be achieved. 

After the first contact in 2016 followed by tests in a containerized MBR pilot plant, preparatory laboratory analyses and the preparation of the detail engineering, WEHRLE will now initiate the execution of the large-scale plant with a total throughput of 360 m³/d. With discharge values of <20 mg/l COD (inlet before treatment 12,000 mg/l COD) and 0.5 mg/l NH4-N (inlet before treatment 60 mg/l NH4-N) as well as a solids concentration of <10 mg/l (420 mg/l before treatment), the plant will meet even the highest discharge limits. The customer's positive experience with a WEHRLE plant, which was commissioned at another site in 2002, was also a decisive factor in awarding the contract to WEHRLE.

Besides the technological part, WEHRLE's scope of delivery includes the mechanical and electrical installation as well as the on-site commissioning of the wastewater treatment plant. The completion of the project for the treatment of industrial wastewater is scheduled for June 2020.