WEHRLE’s step into Indonesia: 3 new projects in one go

Having received an order for altogether three projects, WEHRLE enters the Indonesian market, delivering complete leachate treatment plants including on-site installations.

Within the ERiC (Emission Reduction in Cities) project series funded by the KfW banking group (“Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau”), WEHRLE has been awarded the contracts for the delivery and on-site commissioning of leachate treatment plants for three landfills in Indonesia. The existing landfills in Jambi, Malang and Sidoarjo will be extended, making it indispensable to build a new, modern and compact plant for each of the landfills in order to treat the additional highly loaded wastewater to achieve direct discharge quality. The existing plants cannot treat the additional leachate quantities and require too much landfill area due to their large footprint, reducing the economics of the landfills considerably.

For the new leachate treatment plants to be constructed, WEHRLE will use high-performance Membrane Bioreactors according to the BIOMEMBRAT® concept. This technology has proven to be the most sustainable solution in the long term for the treatment of highly loaded leachate. The compact plant design takes into consideration the difficult local conditions, e.g. the risk of earthquakes and tsunamis.

The plants are WEHRLE‘s first references in Indonesia, representing an important step towards modern and sustainable environmental protection in this region.