BIODIGAT® - anaerobic wastewater treatment

Anaerobic wastewater treatment

WEHRLE offers a wide range of anaerobic treatment technologies for effluents and sludges with different COD and solids concentrations:

BIODIGAT<sup>®</sup> -  anaerobic wastewater treatment
WEHRLE’s anaerobic technologies, TSS via COD

In order to treat the wastewater, we use our BIODIGAT® process technologies – see below.
For the fermentation of organic solids, we apply our BIODIGEST® technology.

BIODIGAT® SB: anaerobic sludge bed reactor (EGSB)

Very compact and efficient treatment technology for biogas generation from wastewater with dissolved COD

BIODIGAT® AF:  anaerobic fixed-bed reactor

Inexpensive alternative technology for wastewater with low content of solids

BIODIGAT® AS: anaerobic activated sludge reactor

This anaerobic treatment technology can also convert undissolved COD (fats, oils and organic solids) to achieve an ideal biogas yield.

Your advantages

  • Wide range of application possibilities
  • Sustainable biogas generation from substrates
  • Stable and simple operation


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