Deammonification processes serve as energy-saving and cost-effective treatment of highly nitrous wastewaters using anammox bacteria and needing significantly less aeration and no external carbon sources. Those processes are especially suitable for sludge water treatment in sewage treatment plants.

Digestion towers are used for the post-treatment of anaerobically produced sewage sludge and generate biogas. After having been treated in the digestion tower, the digested sludge is drained. The sludge water (centrate water) produced during the drainage contains ammonium and increases the N load by up to 25 % when being recirculated into the sewage treatment plant, increasing consequently also the costs of the entire wastewater treatment.

By inserting a BIOMOX® stage, the sludge water can be treated directly. The deammonification process requires 60 % less energy than conventional processes. Besides, the anammox bacteria do not need a carbon source and the ammonium load can be eliminated properly and cost-efficiently without overstraining the sewage treatment facility.

WEHRLE offers two deammonification processes:

  Process N Concentration N elimination rate
1 Batch / SBR < 1.000 mg/l > 80 %
2 Continuous / CFR > 1.000 mg/l > 90 %


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