BIOSTREAM® - Super-efficient jet zone reactor

The energy-optimised alternative to anaerobic treatment

For clients who have to treat highly polluted wastewater but do not want to use anaerobic processes for reasons like plant flexibility, space requirement, achieving discharge limits or the efforts conjured by the generation of biogas, WEHRLE offers the BIOSTREAM® aerobic process technology, which keeps the operational costs to a minimum due to the energy-optimised aeration technology and sets new benchmarks in space requirements. In contrary to anaerobic technologies, the BIOSTREAM®process can degrade nitrogen and is characterised in particular by a high flexibility for load variations and inhibiting wastewater substances.

WEHRLE BIOSTREAM<sup>®</sup> - Super-efficient jet zone reactor an energy-optimised alternative to anaerobic treatment


Path-breaking: highest volume-related material transfer in technical wastewater treatment

Cost-efficient: best aeration performance per kWh for highly loaded wastewaters

Space-saving: has an extremely small footprint

Flexible: ideal for strong variations of loads

Efficient: also works for toxic substances, e.g. phenols, furans, cyanides, etc.

Undemanding: completely maintenance-free and without moving reactor components

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